Century 21 Assurance Realty, Kelowna, BC

When we started investigating touch screen technology, we were inclined to deal with a company close to us geographically, thinking what would offer us the best service. We met with the local company but had concerns when we would ask questions and get assurances like, “I am just the sales guy, I am sure our technical department can work that out.”

In contrast, when we contacted RealTSoft and talked with William Krause, none of our questions threw him. He had answers and examples. He thoroughly understands his technology and communicates with confidence. That by itself sold us on purchasing two screens from SSI as well as the RealTSoft software.

Our contractor who built our display wall did our installation easily.

We are REALLY fussy about our look. The RealTSoft design team created the look we were after.

Launching any new technology has many challenges. MLS® systems differ, expectations differ. It was very helpful for us to connect with one key technology person and work through our issues. He was responsive, industrious and committed to solutions. Even though we felt like we were being difficult customers, he just wanted us to end up with the right product. We are very pleased with RealTSoft.

Warm regards,

CENTURY 21 Assurance Realty

Myrna Park | Managing Broker, Terry Peters | Creative Director